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"If people are the lifeblood of your business, namely your customers and your staff, then marketing is the beating heart of your operation- driving sales, growth and a healthy bottom line."

​-Cash Reynolds, Lead Business Advisor

 I've had the good fortune to be able to study the successes and failures of countless specialty retailers and restaurants, from the inside and out, since 1992.


Businesses that profit, succeed and thrive, consistently adhere to strategies and practices that set them apart from businesses that struggle to turn a profit and ultimately fail.


We've been able to identify over 76 of the most common and costly mistakes made by almost every Specialty Retailer that struggles or goes out of business.


Our team is here to assist you in avoiding these costly "business killers" and instead, help you to develop marketing, branding and operations strategies & systems that will give you and your business profitable, competitive advantage in your marketplace!" -Cash Reynolds

3-point Business Assessment



Whether your planning to start a new business and in the site selection process, have an established business that you need help turning around or whether your business is already doing okay and you simply want to take it to the next level of profitability, our 3 Point Business Assessment will help you get a clear picture of where you stand in relation to your competitors & target consumers and gives you a clear starting point from which to build your sales and profitability.


When conducting your business assessment we:


*1) Research your competitor's strengths and weaknesses.


*2) Assess the external factors of your business such as location, traffic flow, vehicle accessibility, and exterior branding.


*3) Assess your business internally from service times & workflow to menu offerings & price point and beyond to give you a clear road map to increased sales and greater profits.


Our 3 Point Business Assessment is fundamental to solidifying a foundation from which to grow your business!

Marketing Plan



You're a marketing business first and foremost, regardless of the specific product or service you've chosen to take to market.


Embracing this understanding can open up a world of opportunity for you to grow and profit from your business efforts. Failing to understand this simple truth, though, can keep your hands tied when it comes to the daily battle against your competition and your daily efforts to attract and keep customers.


From the original vision you had for your business -to- the nuts & bolts of daily sales, our marketing and branding specialist, Cash Reynolds, can help you to craft a marketing plan to ignite sales, boost profits, and grow your customer base. You don't have to struggle to compete and turn a profit!

Marketing, simply put, is everything you do to make money and realize your business goals. Your fiercest, most successful and profitable competitors already understand that their businesses are "marketing machines" and know how to use this understanding to keep customers coming back to spend their money.


Starbucks, Big Foot Java, McDonalds, Dutch Bros., Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are all masters of marketing. The good news for you is that none of these companies have exclusive rights to marketing. Each independent retailer can embrace marketing and build their business upon its solid foundation.

Give yourself the tools and artillery to keep your competition at bay and advance unscathed across the battlefield of specialty coffee and specialty food retail. We'll help you to bring all your marketing resources to bear, from planning, company mission, branding, company culture, identity & image -to- social media, advertising, community relations, menu offerings, merchandising, sales & service training for your staff, and beyond>> LEARN MORE

Branding Your Business



Brand identity. Brand image. Brand experience. The brand you create is the very embodiment of all of your marketing, sales and business efforts.


"Brand" is what we buy before we ever pull out our wallets to pay for a product or service. A brand is what your customer (and potential customer) thinks about your business, it's how the customer feels about doing business with you, and ultimately, it's why a consumer chooses to do business or chooses to not do business with you.



Branding goes far beyond your logo design and color scheme. Today's top brands carefully craft their customers "experience" of doing business with them, creating loyal followers willing to spend their money time and again.


From online branding to embracing the understanding of "full-sensory branding", we can help you to develop your business brand, gain proprietary advantage in your marketplace and build your following of loyal, repeat customers. >> LEARN MORE

The 3 Ways to  Grow Your Business


Did you know that there are 3 ways to grow your business? Understanding this little known secret can release the floodgates of opportunity for sales and the growth of your business!


Yes, we're going to tell you this secret here and now and it won't cost you a dime. Not knowing this secret can cost you precious customers, sales and even your entire business. The 3 ways to grow your business are:


*1) Sell more to each customer per transaction! (larger ticket per transaction)


*2) Sell to each customer more times! (greater frequency and/or over a longer period of customer retention)


*3) Sell to a greater number of customers! (acquire more customers, open a second location, add a delivery service, etc)


We'll work with you to mine all the unrealized opportunities to grow your business, sales, and profits through this simple but powerful business understanding of the 3 ways to grow your business. 


Digital Marketing + Social Media


Dynamic Website Design. Digital Content Creation. Social Media Help and Training. Our website design clients rave about their sites and the on-going back end support they get for their websites from Pour Over Profits.


Our expertise in marketing, branding, sales, and SEO is what sets us apart in web design. Our elegant and engaging websites are designed to integrate and work together with all of your social media efforts including e-mail marketing, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Google, youtube, media/press coverage, events calendar, etc.


Blogs and vlogs can be a great vehicle for engaging your social media audience and a great SEO tool for your website. We provide blog authoring services for clients as well as brief blog writing and social media training/tutoring sessions.



Do you spend a good amount of time tending to your social media efforts but wish you would see all of that time and energy translating to better sales? We'll teach you our real-life secrets to engaging customers on social media in meaningful ways that translate to sales at the register! We'll teach you the one critical element to audience engagement on social that %90 of even the best social media admins miss.


This one secret, when employed sincerely and consistently, can grow your "tribe" of loyal customers and prolong customer retention over time. We'll also show you how one of our retail clients is harnessing the power of testimonials and reviews on social to ramp up business, top local search, Google Maps ranking, and hit a record sales day.  >> CONTACT US NOW

Merchandising for Profits


Our merchandising specialist, Jeremy DeGuc took one espresso bar that he managed from $500.00 a day in sales when he took it over, to a sustained $2,000.00 in sales! Jeremy teams up with our lead business advisor, Cash Reynolds, to help you develop a dynamic merchandising program to grow your sales and profits.


Did you know that non-beverage sales can account for 50 percent of total sales(or more) when researched, tested and executed properly? Who wouldn't like to potentially double sales simply by offering the right products, at the right price point and in just the right way(s)?


We'll help you and your staff to source, price, display & sell appropriate, profitable alternative-beverage and non-beverage products as well as food, roasted coffee, logo gear/ad specialties and gift items, all customized for your specific business. Turn your business into a money machine. >> LEARN MORE

Coffee Brewing Profit Programs


The addition of flavorful, high-quality, hand brewed coffees to your menu offerings can give you both a greater markup & profit return on your coffee beans AND simultaneously work to help build your business's reputation for quality.

MYTH: "My staff doesn't have time to brew coffee one cup at a time."

FACT: We'll share the simple systems that we've used in real retail businesses to make offering your customers hand brewed coffees such as French Press and Pour Over coffees practical and time effective for your staff while simultaneously bringing you better returns than the standard "drip house coffee" offering.


Whether you run a high-end steak house, espresso bar, artisanal donut shop or bakery cafe, we can help you make more money with your coffee dollars.  >> LEARN MORE

Retail Sales and Service Training


Any Barista training program worth its weight will teach your staff to quickly, efficiently and consistently craft delicious, quality espresso drinks.


Our "Excellence in Guest Service and Sales" training goes far beyond the drink to give each of your team members the tools and skills to increase per transaction sales, wow customers with quick, friendly service and develop customer relationships that foster loyal repeat business.


Learn to mine all of the untapped sales and corresponding profits your Baristas and salespeople are "leaving on the table".


Working together with both, a menu and a merchandising overhaul, utilizing our Menu Development and Merchandising for Profits programs, our Excellence in Guest Service and Sales training could potentially lead many independent operators to double their sales!  >> LEARN MORE

Community Relations, Press, and

Media Plan


The only thing better than reaching your target customer with meaningful, relevant advertising.... is doing it for FREE!


What does your business stand for? How do you give back to the community? Do your Baristas volunteer at the local food pantry? Do you donate leftover pastries to the local homeless shelter? Do you have fundraiser days to donate to your favorite charity? Do your customers and the rest of the community know how your business is involved?


One regional drive-through chain regularly enjoys local news coverage for each of their fundraiser sales throughout the year....and you can too!


We've used the power of the Press Release to garner magazine, newspaper, and television news coverage for a myriad of businesses over the years and we can help you to do the same. We can craft a winning press release for you, our client, and we can teach you the secrets of the press release so that you can use this invaluable business tool for yourself.


Let us help you develop a dynamic community relations plan to connect with your community and then help you shout it from the rooftops! ​>> LEARN MORE

Problem Solving, Innovation, and

Business Support



Your business success is at the heart of everything we do. You're the reason we're in the "helping" business. Our advisors are here to help you through each opportunity and each challenge you face in the business of specialty retail.


From planning to execution to troubleshooting, we have a dynamic team of professionals with specialized experience and skill sets to provide guidance and support in business planning, marketing, retail sales, customer service, social media, branding, Barista training, retail management, media production, product development, brainstorming/business innovation and more.


Hire a specific advisor by the hour, by the day or by the project. Avail yourself of one of our existing Profit Programs and let us bring the expertise of our entire team to bear on behalf of your business success.


We're invested in your businesses profitability, growth and success, which is why we're so good at providing back-end support for our past and current clients. You don't have to leave your business success to chance and you don't have to go it alone.


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