Our Team

Jeremy DeGuc is Pour Over Profits' retail operations Management and retail Merchandising specialist. Jeremy's decade-plus experience as Barista, trainer and manager in high volume operations from Dutch Bros espresso drive throughs and My Coffee drive through window cafe to walk-up counter cafes has allowed him to increase his current cafe's sales 300% and maintain that growth over the years. Jeremy is also a passionate and tireless advocate for dog rescue and rehabilitation, traveling the world saving and placing rescue dogs with new forever families.

Anthony Christensen is one of the team's professional Barista Trainers with experience training hundreds of new Baristas over more than a decade in the specialty coffee industry. Anthony specializes in developing coffee profit programs for restaurants and food & event caterers. Anthony's experience in the industry spans two states and includes Barista training and managing multiple on-campus cafes for the University of Oregon as well as coffee roasting and  Product Quality Specialist at Takelma Roasting. Anthony currently works at Cafe Mam in Eugene, Oreon on top of his Barista training work for clients of pouroverprofits.com.

Cassie Wanner is the team's Coffee Catering & Events specialist and the other professional Barista Trainer, with experience training hundreds of new Baristas for the University of Oregon in various on-campus cafe's for the school. Cassie has extensive Barista experience and currently serves as retail cafe manager when she's not providing training services for clients of pouroverprofits.com.

Cash Reynolds is our lead business advisor, specializing in Marketing, Branding, and SEO. Cash, a professional Barista with over two decades of experience, has served in many capacities from Barista, Trainer & Cafe Manager to retail & wholesale Salesperson to Copywriter, social media Admin & Executive Assistant, before the title "Executive Assistant" was popular. With hands-on experience working in 30+ different retail coffee & food operations for companies such as Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Starbucks Coffee and the late Coffee Corner Ltd. of Eugene, Oregon, Cash leads our dynamic team of passionate & skilled professionals, working together to help you make more money & succeed in the business of Specialty Coffee, and Specialty Food Retail! 

Mikael Krummel is pouroverprofits.com's professional studio and product photographer in Oregon. When he's not producing top-quality photos for our clients he spends his time as a freelance writer for the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper and has a regular column called "Breakdown Lane" in Eugene Magazine.

Christine Vosters  Media Design & Production, Chalkboard Art / Retail Signage.

Benjamin Wilkinson is the professional that we call in when helping a client plan, grow, turn-around or acquire any multi-unit retail chain or group of associated retail businesses. A professional Barista and trainer with more than a decade of experience from coast-to-coast, Benjamin has been a key professional in the planning, startup and management of multi-unit, specialty coffee retail operations for some of the country's most notable universities including Yale University and the University of Oregon. Benjamin is a also a professional Yogi and proprietor of Stop Drop & Yoga LLC in Eugene, Oregon.

What's in a Name?

pouroverprofits.com -or- "Pour Over Profits"  was inspired by the old fashioned and now-hip, manual brewing method that allows any coffee business, Barista or coffee lover to brew their coffee one cup at a time while being able to control every aspect of the brewing process in order to make the perfect cup.


Manual brewing methods such as the pour-over and French Press can give a specialty coffee retailer or specialty food retailer an edge over their competition in coffee quality while simultaneously allowing the retailer to charge and make more money from their coffee beans when approached and implemented properly in a commercial setting.


In 2010, our lead business advisor, Cash Reynolds, developed methods for a specialty bakery cafe in Oregon to quickly, easily, and effectively implement methods of brewing and serving these high-quality coffee offerings to gain a competitive edge and make more money per coffee sale. His passion for helping specialty retailers increase profits was sparked and the rest is history in the making!


You can learn more about how you can make more money from your coffee offerings with our "Pour Over Profits" coffee program whether you run a coffee shop, espresso bar, donut shop, bakery or chocolate shop by following the link here.. >> LEARN MORE

What We Do..

The pouroverprofits.com team exists to help people with businesses of all types and sizes to realize their goals, make money and succeed. Our collective business experiences especially lend themselves to our passion and expertise in helping both brick-and-mortar and online specialty coffee and specialty food retailers to increase sales, profits and compete effectively in their marketplace.


The pouroverprofits.com team of business advisors, professional Barista trainers, and retail operations specialists bring their collective business experience and retail expertise to bear for the growth and success of your business. Your business is unique, with its own specific challenges and operational dynamics. That's why our approach is getting to know you and your business and to tailor our consulting and advising services to fit your particular business needs. We want to see you profit and succeed at the highest level possible. Your daily experience of owning and running your specialty retail business should be every bit as rewarding as it is sure to be challenging.


From pre-startup business research, assessment, planning, and staff training -to- retail store design, website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), all the way through the launch of your business and follow-up, back-end support, we have you covered.


And if you operate an existing specialty coffee, specialty food or e-commerce business online, we can help you to realize your business' sales, profit and growth potential. Contact us today to find out how your team of business advisors at pouroverprofits.com can help you realize your business goals. >> LEARN MORE

How We  Do Business..

The relationships that we forge with our clients bring a synergistic power to every collaboration that we enter into. The concerted effort between consultant and client fosters greater business success than either party could achieve on their own. We pour our hearts into your business success and when like-minded professionals that share a genuine rapport and a common goal work together, the results can be pure magic.


Our team of professional business advisors, Barista trainers, sales trainers, and retail operations specialists take a relational approach to the way we do business and serve you, our clientele. We understand that we have to be agile, flexible and responsive in order to meet your day-to-day and long-term needs in this fast-paced and ever-changing business world.


At pouroverprofits.com, we believe in charging a fair price for our services based on three important points; the investment of our decades of experience, the value of our expertise and ultimately, the results that we can help you to produce. We're in this business to help our clients to make more money, to have fun helping business people like you to succeed at the highest level possible and to make a fair and sustainable profit based on what we bring to the table.


In order to give each of our valued clients our full attention as well as the greatest service and value that we can, our team at pouroverprofits.com take on a limited number of clients at any given time. We're not willing to compromise the quality or effectiveness of our services in order to bring in more revenue in the short term. If we are engaged to capacity with existing clients and cannot immediately serve you and your business, we'll be happy to keep you first on our list to provide you with the professional help that you need. And if your business should need immediate attention that is outside of our present capacity to attend to, we'll be happy to help you find another competent and reputable professional consultant, advisor or trainer that can fulfill your immediate needs. 


As our lead business advisor, Cash Reynolds, is continually traveling the Western United States throughout the year in order to service clients from the Pacific Northwest through Southern California and into the Southwest, we offer various consulting, advising and support services via several methods of contact including telephone, text & e-mail, as well as by video conference and in-person.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you to grow your business, sales, profits, and succeed long term in the challenging and rewarding business of specialty retail. >> CONTACT US

Who We Work With..

Large, multi-million dollar corporations, small independently owned retail chains, family owned and operated local businesses and online e-commerce retailers and manufacturers. We've worked with just about every size and type of retail, wholesale, and manufacturing business.


Our marketing, branding, sales, and training methods translate to a myriad of different types of specialty retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers including; Coffee Shops, Espresso Bars, Coffee Kiosks, Food Trucks, Bakery Cafes, Creperies, Ice Cream Shops, Retail Chocolatiers, Tea Houses and Tea Bars, Beef Jerky Retailers, Dispensaries, Retail Confectioners, Wine Shops, Craft Brew Pubs, Juice Bars, Coffee Roasters, Mural Artists, Tiny House Manufacturers and more.


Since our mission is to help business people make more money and succeed long-term, we only look for qualified business owners to work with. We could spend our time pumping out websites and selling How-To manuals to anybody that walks through our proverbial "front doors", but we choose to do business with entrepreneurs that are hungry to learn how to grow their business and profits. Working with business owners that are committed to taking action to build a profitable and lasting business is the best use of our time, energy & expertise and the most satisfying work we can do.


Who we don't work with: Large corporations disconnected from any meaningful human element and lacking in any integrity would not be a good fit for seeking help from pouroverprofits.com. Likewise, the would-be small business proprietor looking to get around the legalities of health codes and tax laws, etc., would likely not mesh well with our team of advisors. Those business owners that are looking for a "magic wand" answer to fix all their business problems won't find their "in-a-perfect-world" answers at pouroverprofits.com. 


We don't sell empty promises to struggling business owners and we don't have "the" magic bullet to make you rich. But, If you're looking for exceptionally knowledgable and skilled professionals to work with you, advise you, and help guide you to greater sales, greater profits and long-term business success, then chances are you've found your ideal match in the pouroverprofits.com team of advisors and trainers.



Contact us today to find out how we can help you to grow your business, sales, profits, and succeed long term in the challenging and rewarding business of specialty retail. >> CONTACT US

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